Pocket Call Blocker

Pocket Call Blocker 1.0

Filter unwanted calls and SMS


  • Lots of filtering options
  • Hang up or mute unwanted calls
  • Runs in the background
  • Keeps a log of blocked calls and messages


  • Awkward user interface
  • No personalized SMS responses


Pocket Call Blocker is a useful utility for blocking unwelcome calls and SMS messages on your Windows Mobile phone.

If you find yourself constantly bothered by unwanted calls from salesmen, ex-partners or annoying friends, Pocket Call Blocker is worth a look. It allows you to set up filters to automatically reject calls and text messages from specified phone numbers.

Pocket Call Blocker contains a range of different filtering options. You can choose to filter by number, enter wildcard numbers, contact/non-contact numbers, or all numbers. The only filtering option it lacks is the ability to create a whitelist of accepted numbers (aside selecting all non-contacts).

There are two call blocking settings available in Pocket Call Blocker: to hang up or mute the call. The application keeps a log of all calls that have been blocked, so you can see exactly what you've missed at any time.

The user interface in Pocket Call Blocker could be better. The main screen is quite ugly, and it's annoying that you can't access the rule configuration from the main menu (you have to select the Rules tab first, then use the menu on this screen). That said, the ability to run Pocket Call Blocker in the background makes it a very unobtrusive app, which you can forget about once you've configured it.

One feature lacking from Pocket Call Blocker that appears in some other call blocking apps is the ability to set personalized SMS responses for people whose text messages get blocked by the program.

On the whole though, Pocket Call Blocker offers a reliable way to prevent unwanted calls and messages getting through to you.

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